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Comment : An idea for you
Posted by Soozi Rowbotham on Thu 6:43am 29 September 2005

Dear Alison

I have a website where you write diaries about any medical condition and read about others with a similar condition. Although I am based in England, it is a global idea and is brand new.

I am hoping that Patients Talking may be something you would like to put your diary on. Please do keep in mind that as it is brand new (and Free), you may be the first person to write about your experience but you will be helping others and yourself for the future.

The website also helps people who may not directly have a condition but have concerns for a friend or relative with an illness.

I set up Patients Talking when I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening condition last year and wanted to read or hear from others who shared my experience. Writing things down and hearing about others is a proven way to help people and in making them feel that they are not alone. The website is not diagnostic and in no way overlaps into the medical industry however we do provide people with first hand experiences from other patients.

If you get a moment to take a peak, click on http://www.patientstalking.com/ . All feedback is very welcome.

Thank you
Yours sincerely,
Soozi Rowbotham

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 Thu 6:43am 29 September 2005
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