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Alison_T : U never know whats round the corner!!!
Diary entry posted Sat 5:20am 30 July 2005

MAY 2005
As I was looking for research on 'broken femur' I came across this site and read some of the diary's it was nice to know that I was not alone in my search for other opinions other than the doctors in charge of our treatment.

What I found difficult was finding another person with a broken femur that had failed to heal, so I contacted Mr Kennett saying my experience might help others and here I am.

On a nice Sunday evening my daughter Laurie collected me from the train station as i had been away for the weekend. We chatted about the weekend and her two boys without a care in the world. As we drove home along a country road still early evening we came toward a sharp bend and a car coming in the other direction on the wrong side of the road hit us head on, isnt it odd that, this part is in slow motion. From the massive bang came deathly silence, my concern was for my daughter naturally, and when she spoke to me i heaved a sigh of relief. It felt like we sat there in silence for ages but must of only been a few minutes, at first didnt feel any pain, just shock at what had happened.

The other driver got out looked into the scrap of a car that was left, i managed to whisper to him to phone for an ambulance, with this he managed to run off!!

Seemed like an age before another car came along, good job that there are only a few that could walk away from serious accident and not call for help. Before we knew it the emergency services were all in attendance, i can remember screaming "just get me out" unfortunatly that was impossible and took the fire crew over an hour to cut us out of the wreck.

My daughter had a broken clavicle (Collar bone) thank goodness.
Unfortunatly for me every limb was either dislocated of broken, including 3 broken ribs and a pneumothorax (Punctured lung)

On arrival in A&E the most painful thing for me was my leg that had the fractured femur kept going into spasm every few minutes. I went to theatre the next day to have my arm pinned and my leg fixed with a intramedullary scew two nails by my knee cap and two nails into the hip. The next two weeks were a blur of pain and morphine induced sleep.

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 Sat 5:20am 30 July 2005
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