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Alison_Q : The Accident - Early Days
Diary entry posted Tue 5:08am 28 September 2010

Hi Everyone,
Decided to start this diary immediately so I can keep track of my own progress and hopefully get some much needed support from people on this forum with similar injuries. I am currently on Day 6 following an operation to repair a left Tibial Plateau fx with plate and pins. I am a 46 year old female and normally fit well and into dog walking and riding my horse. So what happened to me?
On Saturday 18th September my life changed! Myself and my husband had enjoyed a lovely long walk on the moors with our dog Burnley. We always end our walk with a game of ball! My husband threw the ball, my dog spun round and ran into me at full pelt while chasing her ball. She is a greyhound so I was taken out at a good 30mph she hit me sideways on and I fell down. The pain was excruciating and I couldnt get up. I also felt sick. My husband took the dog back to the car then managed to move the car as near as possible. Eventually and with much difficulty I could get to standing position and hop to the car.

I went to A&E and they did an xray and put my leg in a full plaster cast. Also given some crutches and told not to weight bear. I wasnt told much about the injury other than I had a fracture and to go to the fracture clinic on Tuesday. Not even what was fractured!! I had a nightmare 3 days with the full cast - really heavy - and just hopping to the bathroom made me feel sick and dizzy. I thought I was having a lighter cast put on at the clinic and looked forward to this.
However, on arrival at the fracture clinic the doctor immediately said I was to be admitted to hospital there and then for a CT scan and operation as I had a complex injury and had a depressed tibial plateau fracture. I had my operation to repair it the day after (Wednesday) and was discharged from hospital on Thursday evening with 2 zimmer frames, a toilet frame, 28 days supply of self injections for blood clotting and an appointment 2 weeks later! My leg has had the wound redressed and a hinged knee brace put on - set at 90 degrees - with instructions to try and flex the knee as much as possible.
So here I am - lying in bed with my leg up on a pillow. Reading this site has given me so much information but I am still in pain and very emotional at the moment. I was supposed to be going to Florida tomorrow but we have had to cancel holiday as my consultant is not happy with a long haul flight and risk of blood clots. Am in too much pain anyway and would be such a burden to everyone so probably for best although family not happy!
I have so many worries ....
Will I be able to walk properly again? Do long dog walks? Ride my horse?
And why is my foot numb? I can barely wiggle my toes or flex my ankle. Will the feeling come back?
Also at Day 6, should I be trying to bend my knee? I can barely move it all!
I am due back at fracture clinic on October 5th - so have another week before I get any help from my doctor. Not that they seem to tell me anything anyway!

Alison (UK - near Leeds, West Yorkshire)

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 Tue 5:08am 28 September 2010
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