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Alison_B : Motorcycle Accident.....
Diary entry posted Mon 7:31am 8 December 2008

I've been reading other Diaries and I didn't see many motorcycle accidents, so here is mine...
Nov. 13th at 6:15 pm my husband and I were hit by a car that cut us off taking a left turn at a median, I don't think i can clearly say that he didn't "see" us cause he pulled up to the median and started to pull out then stopeed as if he DID see us, then he proceeded to pull into our lane 100 yards from us at 50 MPH and stopped dead in our lane. My husband locked the brakes up, and we tryed to skid around his car, but then he started going again just as we were passing the front of his car. My leg got hit by the front drivers side of the car. I assume I blacked out, but most people call it Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) I don't remember anything but the headlights, I woke up to 7 people standing over me, my husband included. SHockingly he got nothing but road rash. As I lay on the ground in pain, and swearing mind you (hey i couldn't help it! no other words would fit with the way i was feeling) as I did apologize to the people there for swearing hah i tried to get up and everyone told me not to move and they held my hand...one guy held my head on his feet, and they kept talking to me, telling me the ambulance is coming....little did i know my left ankle/lower leg was bent completely to the left (good thing i didnt see it)


I was rushed into surgery at 9pm and remained there until 1am....followed by two days in the hospital

I broke my tib and my fib pretty extensively. The surgeon put in two plates on both sides of my leg, with 16 screws. I am not allowed to start walking for 12 weeks as of Nov.13th.

I am now 3 1/2 weeks in, off percocet yet still in pain.

I think the plate on my outter ankle is starting to bug me i cant explain it that well but when i have my velcro boot on it feels like the outter ball of my ankle with the plate over it is being rubbed raw, but the sensation is still there even WITHOUT the boot on...

Not to mention i feel trapped in my own body right now.

Oh and I don't sleep well either...I normally sleep curled in a ball on my side, and sleeping on my back all the time has caused my rib on my left side to keep popping out, and has got me in the chiropracter 3 times a week/ 30 minute massage 1-2 times a week.

Medium: Season 1-3 (rented from library)
World Of Warcraft
fox.com (to watch house, prison break, and terminator, oh and fringe)

I can't say that this experience is going to stop me from riding on our motorcycle again, because i dont want to be the person that doesnt get back on the horse, but it has severely ruined my trust in other drivers. I can't stress enough to anyone who reads this, if you come to or live in the Las Vegas area, PLEASE just know that people here DON'T care, they are all on their phones, they don't use blinkers, and they WILL not see you. drive like you are invisible, because to everyone else, you are...not to say that there arnt drivers who watch for motorcycles, im just warning you they are very few and far between.

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 Mon 7:31am 8 December 2008
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