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Comment : Re: Re: Re: When will the cast come off, hypothetically?
Posted by Alison on Wed 3:14pm 29 December 2004

Yeah, I gad a distal tib/fib SPIRAL fracture. I believe the reason that they did not do surgery initially (it was never even brought up to me as an option) was because I did not have insurance. I think that's off, if only because they never bothered to ask me if I had any money to pay for the surgery myself. Again, I didn't know it was an option.

I think the fact that I didn't have surgery contributes to the length of time that I have had the cast. It didn't have the hardware to keep things stable, so the cast had to hold things in place.

I still use crutches.

Rebreaking (osteotomy) is the only way to address the rotation because it means that it healed in the wrong position. I am trying my hardest to be okay about this, to know that even if they have to do the surgery, I will eventually get the end of this path and will have the freedom and mobility that I want so badly.

Tomorrow morning. I dropped off the CT scan images yesterday to make sure that the doctor had them in hand before I got there. I cross my fingers that I am going to be able to avoid surgery or that I am going to have the emotional strength to get through this with only a few tears.

Thank you for your support and happy anniversary.

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 Wed 3:14pm 29 December 2004
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