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Comment : Re: Re: When will the cast come off, hypothetically?
Posted by Diana_W on Tue 4:14pm 28 December 2004

Hi Alison,

I hope those images are OK and that you have nice solid straight bones. You had a distal tib/fib fracture? So that means you broke the bones above the ankle, those big leg bones. I looked it up on the doereport.com, and that kind of break is really incredible. I'm amazed they didn't do surgery initially.

If you can weight bear, that is a great sign. No pain with weight is a really good. Is it because of the kind of fracture that you're in a cast after 14 weeks? I'm curious because my OS put me in the boot in week 7, but then I only broke the ankle as opposed to the leg. Do you still use crutches or a cane to help?

My guy said 6 months for the ankle bones to heal, and I'm at 5 months now. In fact, today is my "anniversary."

They wouldn't break it again, would they? You sound real optimistic (but for that 85% figure). I hope you have zero rotation and that those bones are knitted together straight. Please let me know what happens. Good luck Thursday!!!!!!!

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 Tue 4:14pm 28 December 2004
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