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Comment : Re: What's the Verdict?
Posted by Alison on Fri 4:19pm 3 December 2004

The verdict is that there was no additional damage done to my leg when I fell. I obviously was pleased to hear this and feel like this means that the real vulnerable stage is over. If I could take a fall like that and not hurt the leg, I think I might just be on my way.

I start PT on the 15th. The cast is still on and will be for a while to come. The purpose of the PT is to help me to be more confortable about putting weight down on my leg. I have been a bit cautious up to this point and the doctor wants them to push me.

I also have an appointment for a CT scan on the 14th. While the x-rays show no rotation, my alignment just doesn't seem right, so the doctor has ordered this. he has also said, however, that he does not want to rebreak my leg to fix the alignment problem if it turns out there is one.

I'm not sure what the purpose of the test is then. I mean, if it turns out there has been rotation but he doesn't want to do anything about it, does that just mean I live with it?

Sorry about the weather there. It's cool here in DC, but dry. There's a possibility of rain on Monday, but that's it. I know I won't go near the front door if there's snow.

I went out to my car today to start it up and let it run (which I do from time to time) and I put my "bad" leg down on the clutch for the first time and it didn't hurt. I promise not to drive with the cast on, but it did make me feel like I am a little closer to this all being over with.

Doctor says about 9.5 more weeks.

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 Fri 4:19pm 3 December 2004
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