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Comment : Re: How are you now?
Posted by Alison on Wed 9:06am 24 November 2004

I have not been posting because, to be honest, reading other people's posts often led me to get overly anxious about the healing process. In addition, while I see the value in having this forum, I reall needed to focus on getting out there and putting this broken leg into perspective.

Anyway, it will be ten weeks on Monday. I have not had surgery, after my second opinion doctor said that he did not think -- at this point -- that I could not expect to heal on my own. I had my second visit with that doctor on Thursday and they gave me a new cast and told me to start putting 1/4 of my weight down. I am scheduled to go back in a month (on the 16th).

I have some anxiety about the alignment of my leg, particularly after the guy who put my cast on pointed out how bad it is. My doctor hasn't said anything about it, but I put a call into him on Tuesday to ask him about it in an effort to contront my fear. Folks have suggested that it's something that could be addressed through PT.

I had a scare last night and it's unresolved. I was out with a friend, walking home from dinner. It had rained during the day and between the rain and the leaves on the ground, the sidewalk was pretty slick. One of my crutches slid and I went down pretty fast and pretty hard, making impact on the big toe of my bad leg. I think I have broken the toe, if only because it still hurts. Perhaps it is only a sprain. I don't know, but it sure does hurt. I don't have any pain in my leg, but I am going to ask my doctor if he wants me to come in for x-rays to make sure I haven't done anything to it.

I have been doing well and this frustrates the hell out of me. I have plans for tomorrow to spend the day with friends and I am thinking of staying home because I am just sick and tired of feeling vulnerable.

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 Wed 9:06am 24 November 2004
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