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Posted by Alison on Tue 10:45am 2 November 2004

Well, now I am leaning toward doing the surgery -- if the doctor providing the second opinion recommends it. Folks who were recommending it seemed to be basing that solely on the fact that it was comforting to me to think of not having it or because the idea of surgery sounded drastic to them. People who had any prior knowledge or personal experience with the surgery seemed to lean the other way.

Interesting to hear about the role that the surgery can play in reducing arthritis in the future. Did your doctor happen to say why? The only benefit that my doctor mentioned was speed of recovery. Which is obviously a benefit, but my lack of patience was what got me in this mess in the first place.

By the way, I see the new doctor tomorrow. He was recommended to me by a friend's dad, who is a cardiologist at the same hospital. I am hoping that he will say that I am healing fine and that surgery is unnecessary, but I am resolved to the idea that we will be scheduling the surgery tomorrow and pushing me toward getting this whole thing over and done with.

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 Tue 10:45am 2 November 2004
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