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Posted by Alison on Sun 10:39am 31 October 2004

I was about to try partial weight bearing for the first time -- 10 percent -- but I am terrified. I tried to judge how much weight that was by putting my foot on the scale first and pressing, but it seemed like too much until I realized I was barely putting any weight down at all. I really want to be doing this because I want to be doing all that I can to promote growth, but I am also scared of doing too much and displacing the bones. I have turned into such a "fraidy cat" since my appointment on Friday.

I have pain where my fracture is and I don't know if I have done something to increase the pain or if it was always there and now I am just more sensitive to it.

I have really been a basket case: crying, lying around like a slug. I am about to take a shower and take a walk outside, if only to preserve my sanity.

This new cast that the doctor put on is so much bulkier than the one I had before. Just another reason to feel uncomfortable.

I think the primary reason for my problems right now is that I should have had a full cast all along and there has been too much movement. It may have been more awkward, but my healing would have been more productive.

I am considering contacting a lawyer before this is all through.

I don't smoke, but I have in the past, although not very much (a pack a week). I went cold turkey a month before the accident.

I have been getting advice right and left and am leaning toward not doing the surgery. At they very least, I am going to get a second opinion.

  • Hi - Annette Fri 29 Oct 2004

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 Sun 10:39am 31 October 2004
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