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Comment : Re: welcome to the tib/fib club
Posted by Alison on Mon 8:21am 4 October 2004

Three months! I just don't think I can make it that long. The hardest part for me seems to be the depression. I cry at the drop of a hat these days. Every visit and phone call is a saving grace, but the time alone is tough. I normally work from home anyway, so this shouldn't be too weird for me. But the pain and depression have zapped my ability to concentrate and I am barely getting anything done.

Am I wasting my time by doing leg lifts with the broken leg? Not only is it probably the most comfortable position -- my leg straight in the air -- I thought it might help keep some muscle tone in the thigh of my broken leg. The weirdest part -- during the first few days of getting around on crutches -- was realizing that it took strong abdominal muscles to get around on crutches as well.

"Relax and take it easy," is never something I mastered. I'm one of those fools who brings work with me on my vacations.

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 Mon 8:21am 4 October 2004
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