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Alison : things are not good -- questions!
Diary entry posted Fri 12:58pm 29 October 2004

I went in today to see the doctor. It will be six weeks from the accident on Monday and I was feeling hopeful that he would tell me that things were moving along well. I wasn't quite ambitious enough to think that I would get my cast off or anything, but when I first went in to see him he suggested that I might be able to get my cast off and get the walking boot -- after he looked at my x-rays.

Anyway, I heard him in the hallway looking at my x-rays and saying, "This is a really bad break." It was the first time I was seeing this doctor because I haven't had insurance up to this point and have been seen at the clinic at the hospital, so it was also the first time he was seeing my x-rays.

Anyway, the idea of the boot went quickly out the window because he said there had been little bone growth and he was instead suggesting surgery -- which I never had in the first place. He said he thought I should have a rod put down my leg and that, if I did, I would be walking very soon after that.

He also said that I should have had a full leg cast all along, when I have always had a half leg cast.

I was hesitant about the surgery, despite the fact that it sounded like I would be up and around faster than with the current route I am taking. Because of my hesitancy, he said that he would give me another two weeks and then see how I am and then reconsider his recommendation.

There was no clear explanation for why the bone was not growing and so I feel like I'm not entirely sure what I should be doing to stimulate growth. The electric bone stimulator idea, by the way, was mentioned, but he said that the insurance company won't cover it until at least eight weeks.

Questions! Am I stupid not to just go for the surgery? Has anyone else out there who started out as no-surgery later get surgery because of a lack of growth? Should I get a second opinion?

I am taking calcium supplements (1500 mg per day). Will going on a high-calcium diet, with vitamin D supplements to promote absorption of the calcium, and abstaining from alcohol, soda, anti-inflammatories and antacids (I haven't had much of any of these, but eliminating them entirely) help me to promote bone growth or am I just in a fantasy land? Is it worth it to take in more calcium than your daily recommended dose (1200 mg, according to the doctor)?

Is there anything else I could be doing or avoiding?

If they took the x-ray with my cast on, could there be more bone growth than the doctor was able to detect?

I remember reading Becky L's diary about her six week visit and getting very nervous about my own. And now we're in the same boat . . .

Trying hard not to fall apart.

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 Fri 12:58pm 29 October 2004
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