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Comment : Re: New paranoia
Posted by Annette on Tue 1:54pm 26 October 2004

Hi Allison,

I have a really big paranoia of my own-that'll I'll NEVER walk again. It's day 72, can't move my friggin ankle for crap, don't go see the doc for 3 more weeks, not doing PT except home excercises and turning the ankle inwards is impossible (the most important for walking I've heard), ETC., ETC!!!!!!! Oh yeah, my stupid ankle is STILL swollen!

I dreamed about walking last night. It was nice!

Took a stand up shower today. It wasn't that great. Just one more thing that was a lot of work and used to be easy. Plus I have really high arches and it hurt the good foot to put so much weight on it for that long without arch support. BAH! HUMBUG!

One of the things I like about my fiance is that he doesn't treat me like an invalid. The other guy did-drove me NUTS! My fiance used to be a jerk til I left him for 2+ months. Now he calls just to say he had the urge to tell me he loves me. AWE! Two different guys-same hot bod! WOO HOO!

Have a great day!


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 Tue 1:54pm 26 October 2004
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