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Comment : Re: Re: Pain
Posted by Annette on Wed 11:22am 20 October 2004

I don't know if it will help, but when you're sitting in a chair, put your foot on the floor and draw it back towards your backside as far as you can. That's what the E V I L lady made me do when she was trying to fit the boot on me. Of course, I didn't have a cast on. Keep the foot flat on the floor when doing this. It stretches the achilles, which is unbelievably painful when it's contracted!!

If you can move your foot at all in the cast (try to point your toes and point them straight up) I would do that too. I could do it some but was afraid to because I thought I was SUPPOSED to be completely immobilized. Ask the Dr. first, of course! But I'd stretch any which way I could if this ever happened to me again! I'm supposed to do my excercises twice a day for as many reps as I can handle. My ankle BARELY moves in any direction. So frustrating!

Let me know if this helps at all! I felt pain in my achilles, and other tendons while in the cast, and I wish I would have mentioned it!!!!

Take Care!!


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 Wed 11:22am 20 October 2004
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