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Alison : pain - 29 days
Diary entry posted Tue 10:05am 19 October 2004

It has been four weeks now since the accident and while the pain is nothing like it was in the beginning (I rarely take anything and, when I do, it is over the counter strength), I am still experiencing pain that extends from the break (distal tib/fib) all the way up my calf. It almost feels like a growing pain.

My leg continues to shrink. The cast that I had put on 12 days ago to replace the first cast -- which had grown too big -- has lots of breathing room. It's not time to replace it, I don't believe, but I am still amazed at how quickly my leg has shrunk.

I have another appointment in 10 days. I am trying not to be hopeful about what the doctor will say at that time, telling friends that I still have weeks to go before anything really happens.

I have decided to have a party when I no longer need the crutches. I considered having one when I got the cast off, but the likelihood is that I will still be hobbling around on crutches (although I am quite the pro on them these days) and so will not be very good at serving drinks.

I keep having fantasies about getting up and walking across the room - sans crutches. I am actually somewhat fearful that I might do it if I wake up in the middle of the night.

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 Tue 10:05am 19 October 2004
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