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Comment : Money sadness
Posted by Annette on Fri 11:20am 15 October 2004

Hey Alison,

I know that I am extremely fortunate that I broke mine at work and don't have bills, but I am losing an average of $1,000 per month. I only get 60% of my pay and zippo from my second job (limo driving). Plus it will effect my tax return until 2006.

Anyway! Make arrangements to pay each creditor 5 bucks a month if you have to to keep things out of collections. Maybe you can also make arrangements for them to accept a portion of the due amount as full payment. They do this with insurance companies ALL THE TIME. for example, BC/BS will pay 45 for an office visit, but the Dr. charges 65. The Dr. accepts the 45 as full payment from BC/BS. BUT WOULD STILL CHARGE UNINSURED PATIENTS 65! It's rape of the uninsured! The OS should be most understanding since he's one provider that will be getting paid from your insurance from here on out. I think, anyway!

Good Luck!!


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 Fri 11:20am 15 October 2004
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