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Comment : You're past the rough spot!
Posted by Annette on Sat 9:07pm 9 October 2004

Hi Alison,

The first 3 weeks are the hardest! After you get used to hobbling around, the pain lessens, and you start to sleep-it's not so bad. Stir Crazy is the worst for me. I'm actually not a very good patient. I drove my car to a wedding the other day AND I got my wheelchair out of my trunk by myself.

7 1/2 weeks later and my leg is still shrinking, although not as drastically as at first. The day it was put on, (Sept. 28th) I could only stick my forefinger in it to the top of my middle knuckle, now I can put my whole forefinger in it. Can't wait to see it on October 19th! I've already resigned myself to the fact that the doctor will probably tell me 3 more weeks in a cast. That way I'll be happy if he doesn't instead of disappointed if he does.

Don't forget your foot file to go with that aloe vera gel!

I'm glad you're friends are coming around and coming through for you!!

Were you scared when they took the cast off and then took you off to x-ray? I was totally freaked out the first time.

Take Care!


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 Sat 9:07pm 9 October 2004
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