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Alison : Thanks Annette, Betsy K, Diane and Kyle.
Diary entry posted Fri 12:09pm 8 October 2004

Sorry I have been checking the diary for the past few days. I can't imagine why, but I have been busy with other stuff. I guess that’s a good sign, right? It means I must be thinking of other things besides this darn leg.

Things are going pretty well. The pain is under control for the most part. I am relying on elevation and over the counter meds to handle anything that comes my way and am sleeping better as well.

I have a new cast as of yesterday because the first cast had grown too large: the swelling had passed and my leg has begun to shrink – like Betsy said. Luckily, my leg didn't look too nasty (just VERY hairy and a little puny) when they took the cast off. Of course, it has been less than three weeks. The doctor says that I am healing well. There was a little bit of shifting that was visible from the front view x-ray (I am sure there is a more appropriate term), but the doctor said that it was within the “acceptable” range. My next appointment is in three weeks.

My friend Sarah brought me a big ol’ bottle of aloe vera gel on Wednesday and I have been applying it to my chafed toes religiously since then.

The shower bench also came in the mail. That was scary! It was nice to have water run down my back, but I could have used a spotter. This is definitely not the time to be between relationships.

The other good news is that I am also now covered by health insurance. I am not sure (actually, I am doubtful they will cover anything) about what they will cover from the accident, but I have a call in to them to find out for sure. Nevertheless, I am safe from future (knock on wood) accidents.

I have been getting out more and got my hair done the other day – which made all the difference in the world as far as my self-esteem.

I have had to let my friends know that I wanted to leave the house and they are coming through for me to make sure I can get out from time to time. I still wish I could “run” errands like a human. But, yeah, my friends are the best.

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 Fri 12:09pm 8 October 2004
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