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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Welcome to the club!
Posted by Alison on Mon 8:37pm 4 October 2004

I spent some time in the living room for a change of scenery this evening, but am back in bed. I'm thinking of abstaining from my pain meds because my stomach is upset and I think they irritate it. I'll inevitably end up waking up because of the discomfort. Not sure how to handle the trade off.

My friend who wanted to borrow the car today has been by to help out, but I figure with my bad luck lately, it's best that I avoid letting her use the car. Plus, she wanted to take it on a three hour round trip to see her dad, which seemed like the car could be gone for a while.

As for insurance, no, I don't have any. I just finished with school, lost the insurance through the university at the beginning of August and then managed to let it slip my mind throughout the month as I was making the move from Boston to DC and taking a trip to Cambodia. I actually applied for insurance five days before the accident, but it hasn't come through and, because I am self-employed, there is a possibility that this accident is going to cause me to be rejected. Three cheers for the US health care system.

A friend bought me some nail polish remover for the polish that's on there from a pedicure I got before the accident, but he keeps forgetting to bring it by. I don't think my feet could look more pathetic with their chipped red polish.

He was actually meant to come over tonight, but he never called. I'm guessing that he got caught up at work -- it's a new job. But I definitely missed having company.

I will see friends and get out of the house tomorrow.

I came on to the site tonight because I was depressed. Glad to see a message from you, Annette. I'm trying to figure out how much of this is in my leg and how much of this is in my head.

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 Mon 8:37pm 4 October 2004
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