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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: welcome to the tib/fib club
Posted by Annette on Mon 1:43pm 4 October 2004

I'm just guessing, but she probably just wants you to be as pain free as possible when you go in. Every time I get a new cast they bend my ankle a little more toward 90 degrees (just got there last week!!). Won't lie to ya-it hurts when they do that.
If I were you, I'd choose the things I most want to do and do them, use plenty of cold therapy 'til then and take your pain meds 1-2 hours before your appointment time. That's IMPORTANT advice right there!

It's freaky when they saw the darn thing off and it's freaky going to get it x-rayed the first time. NO worries though. I've survived it 4 times already-gets better every time. A big bonus to be able to put lotion on your foot while it's exposed!! SSSOOO worth it! Bettter than some unmentionable things-almost!! Like Diana taught me--ALOE VERA GEL TO THE MAX!!

I went to a football game ONE week post-op. I do way more than I should and pay for it with unnecessary pain, but I don't care cause I can't be helpless, laying on the couch!! I got way burned out on that after the first 3 weeks!

Good Luck! NO Worries!


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 Mon 1:43pm 4 October 2004
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