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Comment : Showers, etc
Posted by Diana_W on Mon 12:55pm 4 October 2004


I'm glad you're going to see the OS. If it's too loose, she should know why. My OS changed the fiberglass cast every week. By the end of the week, it was tight rather than loose. That went on for 6 weeks.

About the handheld shower...I felt more secure sitting in the chair and moving the handheld around because I could reach more "body parts." It's hard to reach everything in a regular shower, and I was super paranoid about slipping. In fact, I would get into the tub, sit on the chair, and then undress, take off shoes, wrap the cast, etc before I even turned on the water. When I got out, I dried my feet first, put on the shoe/boot/whatever so I wouldn't slip. The first time, I had a bathmat outside the shower, and it slipped. Bathmats are dangerous in our condition.

Great that you got the chair. It will really help. Hope all goes well with the MD.


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 Mon 12:55pm 4 October 2004
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