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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: welcome to the tib/fib club
Posted by Annette on Mon 12:45pm 4 October 2004

Good Luck getting answers from any OS! Bedside care is not their specialty-unconscious patients are! I don't think there is a person here that hasn't been frustrated by this issue! The Medical Assistant/Nurse is a far more valuable tool for those questions. My MA/cast lady told me if I could move my ankle- the cast was too big, but no worries if it was big anywhere else. The first one definitely got too big so I went in for my appt. early and the second one only got a tiny bit too big-only went in a day early for that one.

I find it easier to rinse my hair with a handheld shower and also to get to the "sitting areas". You can always hang it like a regular shower for the rest of your shower. My sister picked one up for 9 bucks!

Think Happy Thoughts! Soon you'll be getting super excited because you can stand up (that was me last week), and nobody but us at MBL will understand!! Everybody else will think "Yippee for you" because they still take it for granted like we used to!

Take Care!


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 Mon 12:45pm 4 October 2004
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