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Ali : The shortest vacation ever!
Diary entry posted Tue 11:23am 19 January 2010

Dec 18, 2009 - I am a fit, 25 year old female. I went skiing in Idaho. I broke my leg skiing in Idaho. I had never been skiing. It was the first day. It quickly turned into the shortest vacation ever!

I was about 300 yards from the bottom of the mountain, were all the trails meet. It was icy, foggy, and quite steep. I cut across the mountain to slow down and turn upward. It was too icy and I already had too much speed. I hit a patch of raised, crunchy snow and it snared my right ski. My left leg and body continued forward. The weight snapped my leg. Surprisingly, I didn't feel anything. Not the burning snow on my skin or where my shoulder had hit the ground. I immediately knew something was very wrong. I look back at my right leg, my ankle was twisted about 170 degrees with the ski still attached to the boot. I screamed in horror. Still, no pain. BUT- I could easily move my toes!! Shortly after, I was towed on a backboard behind the ski mobile to the first aid lodge. After my leg was stabilized my boyfriend drove me to the hospital.

The x-rays revealed a fib/tib/fib
-Fractured distal tibia/fibula (boot-top fracture)
-Fractured proximal fibula (below the knee)
-Non-compound, but a huge blister where my tibia wanted to pop through.

They wanted me in surgery as soon a I was physiologically sound.

To fix it: ORIF
Open Reduction, Internal Fixation
I am now the proud owner of a tibial intramedullary rod and five nails. Also, they had to dislocate my knee to get it in, so much of my pain now (a month later) is knee pain.

The surgery was a success. I stayed in the hospital the next few days doped up and sick on pain meds. I was released from the hospital the day before our plane left for home. How perfect.

The next week or so drugged by. I was in a lot of pain and threw up every time I ate. I was so sensitive to the medication. I was able to get up and out of bed Christmas morning- for a few hours- to open presents. Fortunately, everyone came to me. My brother got me trash bags.

Jan 4-I went to my orthopedist. He commended the surgery then he removed the stitches and casted me. At this point, I had lost 20 pounds. I started fit and thin and a muscular 150 (I'm 5'7), so this was a shock to me. The only thing that stayed down was water. I wanted off the pain meds, but I could not yet bear the pain.

Jan 14-Those weeks seem easy now. My doctor just recently took off my cast and put me in a walking boot, non-weight bearing. I am allowed to do some ankle exercises. I have been off the heavy pain meds for well over a week now and I am so restless. TV is losing its appeal and I have just started some reading. I am still on crutches so eating and bathing proves difficult by myself. I pretty much stand in the kitchen and wolf down my necessary nutrition. I have a very small appetite, so eating is a chore. I manage to get the calories I need. My ankle exercises feel good, and I am getting some mobility back.

Jan 19-I still try to lay around all day with my leg up, but I am a very high energy, active person. Like I said, I am off the meds, so my natural energy is booming. Gratefully, I am still napping during the day, but even the naps are getting short. It is very hard for me to be dependent on others for help, but I am learning to enjoy it.

Overall, I have been progressing. I am still 20 pounds shy of my old weight because of muscular atrophy and lack of exercise. I only eat what I have to and 95% of that is healthy. Its really quite similar to my pre-break vegetarian diet, except no beer :( I don't consume caffeine in any manner except in mint chocolate chip ice cream. (In the chocolate)

4 weeks after the accident, my ankle and knee are becoming much more flexible. My leg looks pretty good, still bruised and discolored with healing wounds. The cankle has yet to completely disappear. I am wondering if the blood blister I had will leave a scar... I do not sleep with the walking boot on. I am a very still sleeper and when I wear the boot it rolls off the pillows and I wake up in pain. The doctor says I should sleep with it on but, I just have no tolerance for it at night.

I will say, it is nice not working! Hopefully I will be PWB by three months and FWB by six!

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 Tue 11:23am 19 January 2010
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