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Comment : Re: Hang in there
Posted by Sandy_F on Wed 6:04pm 2 May 2007

Hi Alexis: So sorry to hear of your troubles. I am recovering from a dislocated ankle fracrue, lots of plates, screws and pins. Am in my seventh week. I am home though and hope things are healing OK. I have another xray Friday. Lots of swelling and purple toes still! I slipped on black ice coming from my friends 50th birthday party. I had a foot facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction and dragged myself up the driveway until I could not go any farther. I had to wait until others left the party and found me there. Anyway I keep focusing now on the hope that I can begin to put weight on my leg and begin recovering as of Friday.

How are you making out and keeping your spirits up?

Cheers to you!



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 Wed 6:04pm 2 May 2007
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