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Alex_W : Oh dear, here we go again
Diary entry posted Tue 11:37am 29 November 2011

In 2008, I broke my left leg after falling off a ladder onto concrete.
A week ago, I was on a trampoline. I'm 6'2", 260lbs, something was going to go wrong. My sister already had a broken arm, and she watching me with her daughter, and I was entertaining my nephew by being a goalkeeper as he took shots against me (we are both big football fans). After realising that my stamina had never been brilliant, I said 'Right James, one more then we need to get dinner' Oh my I wish I'd never said that. He kicked it slightly wide, and like a super-heroic effort, I dived full length across the garden, into some bushes, whilst catching the ball (I was quite impressed with myself). I sat up, knackered and my sister slowly stood up and was pale as a ghost, and my nephew we starting to cry. I wondered what was up. I glanced down to see that my right leg was facing the wrong way. I passed out.
I woke up in the hospital, with my mum holding my hand and my brother in the room (we wasn't so much bothered with his little brother in hospital, but the room had SkyTV, so he was amused. (He's 24 by the way). A doctor walked in and said that I'd had one of the worst broken leg he'd ever seen, but I was going to be OK.
I got plastered up, got my crutches and went back home via the reception. My sister was in the waiting room, shaking like a leaf as I came through (we have become very close).
So, in conclusion, I have broken both my legs within a 3 year period. I'm bored, so if you'd like to chat, feel free. Take care.

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 Tue 11:37am 29 November 2011
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