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Comment : Severe pain--three years later!
Posted by Debra on Tue 12:16am 20 November 2007

Hello all!
I'm new to this group but am I glad I found YOU!!
Well, it was almost three years ago...Feb 2005--I slipped on ice...broke both bones in my right leg...Fib/tib break!
Had surgery...rod/screws...learned how to walk all over again. I used to walk 2 miles per day..and, did again...eventually.
But NOW...ohhh, I have been in such terrible pain!! It started up about 4-5 months ago...getting worse! Went to the surgeon about 1 month ago...didnt have much to say...couldnt really find anything wrong!
But, it's getting WORSE! :-(
I'm 53 years old and--am way to young to be in this shape! Now, I can't even walk to the mailbox!
Wise ones....WHAT could this be?
It couldn't be that I'm rejecting the hardware this late in the game, could it?
How about infection?
It's swollen...a little red.
Thanks for words of encouragement!!
Hurting Debra in WI...

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 Tue 12:16am 20 November 2007
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