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Comment : Re: Lingering pain
Posted by Steve on Sat 11:17am 25 April 2009

Hi Chritophe, this may not help you but you are not alone!

I broke by right tibia and fibula (transverse fracture)on the 27th September 2008 palying in a rugby match. I got an IM rod fitted into the tibia and three screws to hold it in place similar to yours.

After 7 months I've just started running slowly on the treadmill but I've been weight training the legs for around 2 months as there hasn't been a problem with static loading on the leg.

I still have alot of discomfort around the knee area but this seems to be improving as the muscles around the knee and leg get stronger, I'd recommend doing some light weight training and concentrate on the short bending movement of the knee as this is the area that needs to be stregthened for good control. I'm especially having pain around the top screw which hurts like hell when I bend the knee fully.

I spoke to the consultant last week telling him that I wanted to remain active with running and exercise and explained to him the pain I was getting. I've decided to go private,I luckily have this option through work, he has talked about removing the IM rod and screws towards the end of this year which I'm going to go with.

I've spoken to several people with similar injuries and they've all improved following the removal of the hardware, even though its more major surgery I think its worth the risk.

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 Sat 11:17am 25 April 2009
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