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Comment : Re: Welcome to the club you really don't wanna join
Posted by Alan on Mon 9:16am 9 January 2006

thanks Arlo, this advice is invaluable - I've started on your exercises already, alphabet is great for the ankle.

I've now gone private and been able to find more answers to my queries - unsurprisingly! NHS has lots of good points but many bad ones too - I'm sure you'll agree!

New consultant says 6 months on average for complete recovery (if I do ever recover all the feeling in my leg/ankle/foot - he thinks there may be some nerve damage but too early to say).

I'm at 5 weeks now and he thinks the cast may come off at our next appointment in 4 weeks - and then I can start bearing more weight on the leg but still using crutches. He thinks perhaps another 3 weeks (so 12 in total) before I can bear full weight - I guess there will then be another 3 months for bone to heal fully and physio.

So I'm confident, but of course it all depends now on the bone healing!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Alan

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 Mon 9:16am 9 January 2006
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