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Comment : Lingering pain
Posted by Christophe on Mon 2:55pm 9 March 2009

To whomever may be able to help me

I Broke My Tibia and fibula playing soccer on June 22nd 2008. I had surgery to insert a metal rod in my leg along with 3 screws. One at the top of my leg and two near my ankle. It has been over eight months now and I am starting to run again and try to regain the strength that I had lost during my injury.

However, I am experiencing a considerable amount of discomfort. My knee feels shaky, and the scar on my kneecap (where the rod was inserted is still quite tnder and somewhat swollen. I am also experiencing pain in and around where the screw which is just below the inside part of my left knee (very top of the shin) ANYBODY out there experience something similar? I seem to be able to play sports, but the pain I fear will only get worse unless i do something to prevent it... maybe remove the screws? Any thoughts...?


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 Mon 2:55pm 9 March 2009
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