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Comment : Different people, different breaks
Posted by Shupiwe on Thu 8:07am 13 March 2008

Ok i joined this club on the 23rd of September 2007. I broke both left tib and fib falling down a hill. I was resuced by helicopter as i was on a hiking trail in the Amathole district of South Africa aka middle of nowhere.

So i thought six weeks of moon boot and i would be done. but whilst it took longer than this it has not all been doom and gloom.

FWB was in November - around the 23rd - walking without crutches for long distances was around mid December. and i was driving and swimming and basically ok in January 2008, apart from some swelling.

I got my plates and screws taken on the 29th of Feb which has left some pain in my leg and back to one crutch for the first week. I am now free walking with mini weight on my leg and not that much walking.

But the doc has given me the all clear and I have even begun training for a five day hike at the end of April!

i guess every person breaks differently but i just wanted to let people know that it can be quicker than six months! and you can get on your feet again within two months of breaking a leg.

lastly, is anyone else just about fed up with the joke - break a leg??

I go to physio once a month

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 Thu 8:07am 13 March 2008
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