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Comment : Re: I broke my leg playing football
Posted by Mike on Tue 7:25am 6 February 2007

Jesus christ fella

that sounds a horrific ordeal! terrible

I suffered the same injury, broken fib and tib back on the 20th of August, a week before yours but with a compound fracture on top. the roles were reversed this time and i was the goalkeeper.

anyway, 10 minutes into a friendly i came off my line to kick the ball into touch, when i landed on my kicking foot, my left leg, as i landed, some stupid idiot decides to come charging in and jumps up 2 footed, scissoring my leg and with the weight of his body behind him, my left leg snapped in 2 like a twig.

The shock was unbelivable. i was in agony, screaming my head off. I felt a type of pins and needles sensation in my foot. i could move my toes but realised it was bad when i tried lifting my leg up and the part below the break just flopped down.

an ambulance was called and i was taken to hospital immediately after having my sock and boot cut off from my foot and my leg put in a splinter.

at the hospital i was injected with morphine and painkillers and my leg was bandaged up properly.

soon after i was taken into the operating theatre and was operated on. my tibula was secure with a metal rod and 3 pins leaving my fibula to heal on its own.

the next couple of days were hell in the hospital. i couldn't sleep and couldn't move as the pain was horrendous, even with all the injections i was having, on the first night, a combination of oxygen, drugs and the need to piss made me be sick everywhere :(

My recovery has been slow but steady.

it is now been 6 months since the break and i am walking freely and have probably full movement of my leg. i haven't cracked on with exercises yet but am hoping to start jogging, cycling and swimming after my next check up on valentines day.

it has been a terrible ordeal for me though. Lost my job, lost my girlfriend, and had to pack in playing tennis and my favourtie sprot football which i was playing upto 3 times a week!

i have a nice scar along my left knee from where they cut me open and lovely bumps down my leg from where the pins are!

Its been difficult finding any advice on how to recover from the injury in terms of re-training yourself and getting yourself fit and such. ive been getting advice off a former team mate who suffered a dislocated and shattered ankle.

Luckily now i have got myself a new job, hopefully start training soon and hopefully the time will fly by till i can play football again

if anybody needs any advice, tips, or would just like to relate then feel free to get in touch


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 Tue 7:25am 6 February 2007
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