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Comment : How's it going? Also: Anyone used an ultra-sonic device?
Posted by Gavin on Wed 5:08am 14 June 2006

Hi Alan,

I also broke my leg (spiral fractures of tib+fib) although by coming off my bicycle rather than at a football game.

I am now at 15 weeks. My cast has just come off. This is a wonderful and yet very strange feeling! My consultant reckons that I might be walking without crutches by six months. I hope that you recover quicker.

The problem I have is that even after 15 weeks there is very little sign of bone growth. My consultant is suggesting using an Exogen ultra-sonic stimulator. Does anyone have any experience with these? As far as I can tell they are not available on the NHS (I am a private patient - company policy) but I am unclear whether my policy covers them.

A quick web search reveals very confusing evidence for these devices. Although my consultant has 100% success with them. Moreover, they are VERY expensive - 1500 pounds.

Alan: Hope you are recovering. My advice:

1. Keep your foot up as much as possible.
2. Buy some bathroom scales (they're cheap). My consultant first suggested 15 and then 25 kilos through the bad leg. I did this on the scales first to get some sense of what it feels like. (Although I'm sure that whilst "walking" I never put quite that much weight through it!)
3. Learn to relax - I didn't get too many bad itch-attacks; but you have to see past them if you see what I mean.
4. Don't worry about swelling - its been a big ordeal for your leg. It will swell up and down for months - ITS NORMAL!
5. Enjoy your baby! (Our second arrived two weeks after my break! This is great for me but VERY tough on my wife!)
6. Now you have a great excuse to lie on the sofa and watch all the world cup games!

Hope all is well,
Gavin (Cambridge, UK)

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 Wed 5:08am 14 June 2006
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