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Comment : Re: pretty greatful
Posted by heidi on Sun 9:14am 23 April 2006

Hi Bryan
I'm writting you from Gainesville in Florida. I play in a co-ed soccer league and had a really bad break to my tib and fib when I went to kick the ball back into midfield after it had been passed to a forward on the opposing team. Just as I reached the ball, the striker from the other team( a 200 or so pound, latin male), kicked this ball with such a fierce intensity(and through the shinguard!)that it completely seperated my tib and fib. The pain that I felt is something I will never, ever forget. Luckily our soccer complex is right next to a fire station, so that I was able to receive immidiate medical attention( a shot of morphine), before getting hauled to the ER. Hours later I woke up from surgery with a rod through my tib, anchored in with 3 screws. the fib was set manually, no hardware( doc said it'll have no problem growing back together).
This all happened three weeks ago today. My pain has been minimal, and I did have to go back to work a week later, as I didn't want to use up my vacation time. I am flying to Germany in about 6 weeks for the beginning weeks of the 2006 World Cup. My one big fear is that I will still be on crutches by then. Since you have a similar injury, I thought I might check in with you to see how far into rehab you are( when did your leg break?), are you still on crutches, etc.
This website has been so fantastic, I think I might post my story, just to make" new friends in the arena of broken legs".
I hope you are healing well and that I hear from you. Take care....and be careful.
Sincerely, Heidi
PS...The injury happened 20 minutes into the game, the score was 1:1...." Win this for me" I said to my teammates as they pushed me into the ambulance.....They did, the final score was 3:1!

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 Sun 9:14am 23 April 2006
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