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Aimee : Ice Skating
Diary entry posted Mon 5:25pm 10 March 2008

I never knew how perilous ice skating was til I crashed this past Velentine's Day at a local rink. This was my second time ever on ice-I've always avoided sports involving cold and speed. But it was Valentine's and my husband skated as a kid and it was fun when we went skating last year, so I figured it would be fun again. And it was!

And then a teenage kid stopped right in my path on the ice, about 10 feet ahead of me, in the middle of the flow of traffic. I thought for sure he'd move by the time I reached him, and when he didn't I started hollering at him to "Get outta my way!" He didn't-instead he stood right in my path, staring at me with that "deer in the headlights" look. Not wanting to run into folks on either side of me, I defaulted to sticking my arms straight out toward the kid, thinking he might hold me up as I coasted into him. Nope, I don't know how to stop on skates! You guys know what happened next: I went down, twisting so that my full body weight landed on the left tib/fib. Big crunching sound (that's what people tell me-I think I've blocked it out).

As I lay on the ice saying "Ambulance...911...call...now" and my husband turned various shades of green as he tried to put my leg back into in some sort of normal alignment, the kid stood above me saying, "Man, I am so sorry! Like, I'm really sorry!", using his most sincere voice. I have no idea what was up with him, but pray he will get it together before he's cleared to drive a car. I think he was high, but maybe he was just stunned. He was definately a better skater than me!

The good news is I had wonderful, amazing care-from the emts to the er doc (who did an incredible job setting my leg-broken at an angle into many pieces, didn't go through the skin) to the awesome suregeon ("basically, we're going to put rebar in your leg") to the nurses to my husband and dad (dad being conveniently and unexpectedly in town the night of the accident). I got the titanium plate and 11 screws, plus putty from cadaver bones to stimulate bone growth (I had never heard of this but am told it is a fairly typical bone grafting approach).

I am now three weeks out, getting around with crutches, in no pain and starting to put a little bit of weight on the left foot. I get the walking cast on March 21. All in all, I feel lucky it wasn't worse. Did I mention this happened at "Snoopy's Home Ice"? That's right -the rink that Charles Schulz built to celebrate his love of hockey. The rink manager sent me a plushy Snoopy doll as my consolation prize. The kid is MIA and I've now heard all sorts of crazy stories about broken bones from ice skating. More hazardous than I knew!!

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 Mon 5:25pm 10 March 2008
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