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Comment : Re: Healing
Posted by Kirsten on Mon 4:17pm 7 April 2003

Hi Aggie, my break was on 1/3 (surgury on the 4th) and I was in a splint, then a cast --both NWB--til the end of February. When I got my cast off, I was using crutches but only needed them for a couple weeks then I stopped using them. My OS was happier if I could walk "normal" (rather than with a limp or with crutches) even if I had to go really, really slowly. Which I did!

I have been told the swelling will probably be a fact of life for up to a year; I am feeling really good these days and have little pain but even so, by the end of the day I am *very* swollen. I just massage it down as hard as I can bear, and that is even better than icing it and elevating it, for me. Hope that helps!!

It will get better. I found psychologically I was less prepared than physically. Actually, with the metal in there I think my ankle is probably stronger than it was!

Oh, shoes: I wore a larger pair of tennis shoes when I first got the cast off, for about two weeks. After that I could wear my regular running shoes, although they were difficult to get it at first, they also felt GREAT.

I wore dress shoes (to an interview) for the first time last week but they were very low to the ground and slip ons. I don't think I will be wearing heels for a while. :)

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 Mon 4:17pm 7 April 2003
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