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Comment : RE: What Will Dr. Put on After Cast?
Posted by Maria D'Amato on Sun 7:35pm 4 May 2003

Hi Aggie,

Sorry to hear about all your ankle, your dog that passed on and your sister's broken ankle. What a lot to have to deal with all at once! I feel for you.

The bright side is that you are getting so much better! As far as what the doctor will put you in after you see him is all dependent upon your doctor's style of treatment and personal beliefs and your condition and how well you are healing. I keep reading a lot here that most people get at least a brace after the cast comes off or a boot. I had a much different outcome.

Much to my horror, after 4 weeks in a cast(I had surgery, 1 plate 9 screws; ankle broke both sides of foot) my OS had the cast removed and said I could now fully weight bear! WHAT??!! Yep, you read that right. I was hoping I heard him wrong but I didn't. No brace, no waking cast, nothing. Just go and WB all you can, and no crutches asap was his response.

Needless to say it's been very scary for me but I'm slowly getting used to it and with the exercises and PT I'm gradually getting more stregnth in the ankle and slightly less pain every day. I won't be rid of the crutches/walker anytime soon but I'm hoping that by June 7th (my brother's wedding which I'm in the bridal party) that I'll be able to walk w/o any assistive devices. We'll see; I'm keeping my fingers crossed and working very hard at it.

My point is that everyone's situation is different but only you know how much you can do. Don't over do it. Push yourself to the limits w/o going overboard. And hard as it is try to be patient and stay positive. That is key!

Good luck w/everything; you'll do fine! Let us know what happens after you visit the dr!

Maria :)

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 Sun 7:35pm 4 May 2003
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