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Comment : Lost a best friend
Posted by Colleen V on Fri 11:22am 11 April 2003

Dear Aggie,

I am so sorry about your furbaby. What was her name? I know what that huge loss feels like. I knew you were a true animal lover when I read how you broke your leg. I am crying for you here. Our 12 year old Husky died from cancer not long ago and it broke my heart. I have also lost a 10 year old Collie, 12 year old Shepard, and two cats, 17 and 19 years old. We had them all most of their lives and they were our "children". I miss them all badly. Our first Collie died 10 years ago and I still cry for her.

We have a 10 year old Collie and a 3 year old Border Collie now. I used to work in a Vet clinic and they tend to follow you home.

There is another wonderful Website that helped me through my pets' deaths. It is http://www.petloss.com/ Please go there when you feel you can. They will help.

I send you the biggest hug imaginable. I am so so sorry. Know that you gave her a good life and lots of love. She knew that ...

Hugs to you Aggie, Colleen

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 Fri 11:22am 11 April 2003
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