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Adrienne : Updated progress report
Diary entry posted Wed 7:04pm 28 August 2002

In 5 days I will be entering the 5th months of this BL. I am now able to work a full work day, though I am still in sneakers. I am able to walk at a very brisk pace. I still am abnormally tired at the end of the day... but I'm working on that. I have no limp. People who meet me for the first time have no clue that I am recovering from a broken leg. For the most part, minus the tiredness and soreness of my leg at the end of the day, my life is mostly normal... oh yes, minus lifting weights, too. I used to do that everyday after work, but right now my priority is to get through work. once I am able to complete a day without being sore, I will return to the gym.

high points of the week....

walking around barefoot and feeling like I had never broken my leg at all!

completing a full work day (with the added lunch break that I had been blowing off because I was too sore and tired at the end of my day)

trotting (almost running) across the parking lot because I didn't want to hold up the nice drive that stopped and waved for me to cross to the other side.

I won't speak of a low point because I know there will be some, and on rare days, many. But they pass and each week they become less significant. And in truth, I think the high points are far better to focus on.

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 Wed 7:04pm 28 August 2002
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