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Adrienne : My Birthday... August 25.... some thoughts for the day
Diary entry posted Sun 8:55am 25 August 2002

I've been walking for a few months now... but my stamina is not back yet. I just about make it through a full work day. And I'm not lifting weights like I used to due to my lowered stamina and 3/4 loss of strength in my leg.

But I know I will be back to myself by Christmas at the latest. I know that I am improving everyday. Today, I'm 34. I'm hoping it will be an awesome year. I think it will... because I awakened to a thread of happy birthday posts on this site that brought tears to my eyes.

This place has been such a godsend. Not just to me but for so many others. I have a family here now. A whole group of people who are inexorably linked by our seemingly bad fortune. But perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.

This birthday will be different than all my others because of this leg. I will think of it differently, though I cannot quite explain how... it just feels different.


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 Sun 8:55am 25 August 2002
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