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Adrienne : SURVIVOR MBL -- teams and CHALLENGE #1
Diary entry posted Wed 8:05pm 21 August 2002

while I was stressed out of my mind today, I came up with a new TV show idea... got the whole board involved... it was a big hit! Here it is:
The teams are:
Non-MBL-->unsympathetic, uninformed family and friends... and any medical personnel who did not display one iota of compassion and anyone who has referred to us as being on 'vacation'

MBLers --> all of us (we are going to whip that 'other' team)

The 1st challenge:

New casts are placed on all the contestants for this challenge. They are then given two cups of coffee and 3/4 a gallon of water, both of which they must finish within the next two hours. They are also given one vicodin or one percocet every four hours. The cast is tight as swelling is extreme. This challenge takes place in a two story house that has all wooden, tile, and linoleum (sp?) floors.

During the next 24 hours they must complete the following tasks without FALLING:

1. go up and down the stairs at least once
2. get to the kitchen twice using crutches and prepare at least two meals.
2. eat the meals.
3. clean up the mess.
4. return to their bed, couch or ez recliner and NOT fall (ah-ha, the plot thickens)
5. sponge bathe in a VERY SMALL bathroom that cannot fit a chair... and they cannot get water on the floor ... and the bathroom is on the FIRST FLOOR.... but their bedroom is on the SECOND FLOOR
6. get to the bathroom at least three times and one time must be in the middle of the night when there are NO LIGHTS (including nightlights, candles, moonlight, etc.) and find the crutches and make their way to the bathroom in COMPLETE DARKNESS
7. oh yes, there is a cat and a dog living in this house

Which team will win the challenge?

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 Wed 8:05pm 21 August 2002
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