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Comment : Re: Your first day with a Broken Leg
Posted by Adrienne on Tue 7:30am 11 June 2002

Yeah, I thought it was pretty astounding (actually APPALLING is more like it hehe) that they expected me to walk. I think they thought they were doing it for my own good because I was going home and they figured I was going to have to get around. My doc had nothing to do with it, as far as I know. He wasn't even around. Of course he did press me to use crutches, but I think he forgot about the sprain because the air splint was around my ankle or figured it was better.

I still wonder about the wheelchair issue and why no one suggested it. Suppose they just don't know how to think creatively. Thank God for a rebellious spirit! Otherwise, I probably would have done more damage.

Teachers and bosses always called me difficult when I was younger. This trait seems to serve me quite well as I age. Lord knows the whole world will turn you into a doormat if you let them. And I've never been much of a Yes maam type. LOL

Heal well and heal quickly,

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 Tue 7:30am 11 June 2002
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