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Adria : 4 weeks later
Diary entry posted Sat 7:38pm 16 March 2002

Saturday, February 09, 2002
It has been a month now. I am able to work on my laptop from home and I am getting lots accomplished -- more than when I am in the office actually. I have gone in to the office to reassert my presence to my staff and assure that they are “on task” and “in sync”. They are really on the ball, I’m proud of them.
My leg is healing. The break in the upper Fibula - just below the knee has finally affixed itself. I no longer feel the bone moving and that is super. The Tib is a constant dull ache and I get what I call a “pain pill alarm” in the form of a surge of pain about every 5 to six hours. As long as I take a 50mg Ultram and two Advill before the pain gets severe again -- I am okay. The problem is when I forget the pain medicine and the pain gets me -- it is always harder to get over that hill. The end of the Tibia bone that protrudes at the ankle (specifically on the right or outside) has given me a lot of pain so I mentioned it this week when I went in for my wound check and first cast change. The doctor played pokey-pokey with it and I yelped for him. He was unimpressed. They padded the area better before they put the new cast on. I must admit that it is not hurting as much since.

I tried to move my ankle while the cast was off and quickly found my boundaries. I cannot move my ankle to either side, only up a little. The wound finally looks better -- it isn’t oozing anymore and the hole from the blood catheter seem to be closing a little. The hole that was filled with blood two weeks ago seemed to be forming a scab. The doctor mumbled something about some of that skin probably falling off. He mumbles so much of the time that one has to listen carefully and then try to guess at what he said. So I have no idea what he meant. I am hoping for a pretty scar as I am a skirt girl and I don’t wear panty hose -- maybe I’ll have to reconsider that when this is all over until my scar fades.
While I waited with cast off, I touched my skin along the wound and noticed the difference in sensation in different parts of my lower leg. The skin seems to be pulling from lack of moisture and swelling. My toes are peeling and my skin there feels very strange. . Par for the course I suppose.

New cast on - I can wiggle my toes -- usually without pain I can move my ankle up and down a little inside my cast. This one is tighter than the last. The doctor says that weight bearing will not be discussed until calluses form on the break sites. I asked…”when is that USUALLY?” About 2 ½ months or so, depends on the person, he mumbled. So I am AT LEAST six weeks away from the possibility of bearing weight, which, from the MyBrokenLeg.com site seems to mean that therapy will only BEGIN then and ONLY MAYBE then.

All in all this is an incredibly frustrating thing for me and Keith and the children, but we are making it together. I think that it is hardest on Keith. I wish that I could change that.

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 Sat 7:38pm 16 March 2002
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