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Comment : Re: Re: Similar situation
Posted by Donna on Tue 11:58pm 14 September 2004

Hi Lynn, I am 7 weeks into my tib/fib break (spiral with rodding). Just last weekend the pain finally subsided and I dropped off the painkillers. I was on codeine (I am Australian - so it may be called something else in North America?) which is addictive. I had a bit of a strange day, diarrohea and feeling cold and wierd, and I didn't sleep well that night. In the end I took half a codeine tablet at about 3am and I went to sleep. Since then it's been fine and I'm off the painkillers now. Everyone has remarked how much healthier I look. Strange thing is I had XRays a few days ago and it doesn't seem the bones have done any growing or anything, so I'm not sure why the pain has subsided. I do spend most of my time with my leg elevated and keep pretty still. Maybe that has helped?

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 Tue 11:58pm 14 September 2004
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