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Comment : Re: Re: oblique tibial fracture here!
Posted by james on Wed 4:36am 22 May 2002

i broke my fibia and tibia in a soccer match in february unfortunatley things didnt go very well i developed a fat embolism in my lungs and spent the following week in intensive care.i had a external fixator put into my leg because they didnt think i would survive an operation to pin it. it has been three months two weeks since and i am at a low ebb alot of the time wondering how long it will be before im back to normal.i have had alot of help and if it wasnt for the doctors i would be dead now scary thought but its true i hope soon i will be out of my cast just waiting for the new bone to show on x-ray but the doctor is good and hopefully i will be back to my old self

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 Wed 4:36am 22 May 2002
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