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Comment : me and my son
Posted by Judy on Thu 8:21pm 1 April 2004

Hi Adena,
I hope your son is doing well - and so are you! I nursed my 13 year old son through a broken femur when he was 9. Now I have a broken femur. My son is the same size now as yours - just under 5 feet. He is really in a growth spurt right now though. He was tiny when he was 9.

We both broke ours skiing, but it's what we do. He won all of his ski races the year after he broke his femur. I plan to be skis next year. You can read our diaries under "judy".

My son didn't have a rod, but I do. My hip hurts quite a bit (today is a particularly bad day for my hip). I don't know about your son, but in my case, my ligaments and muscles are catching on the hardware. It's obvious on the xray where that is happening. I may have to have my hardware removed in a year if this continues to annoy me. Otherwise, I can leave it in forever.

Good luck to you both. I had a lot of fun with my son during his recovery and I hope you did too. AJ is lucky to have caring grandmothers as well. I enjoyed my recovery time too - I got to read a bunch of books and just have a change in pace in my life.

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 Thu 8:21pm 1 April 2004
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