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Adam_G : The Fall that Changed it All
Diary entry posted Fri 11:59am 1 June 2007

It was April 27th and I was leaving the next day to go to a Bachelor Party in NYC where a buddy of mine got us all tickets to the Spiderman 3 premiere and after party. Since I knew I wasnít going to get to jog for awhile I decided to go for a quick run. My condo is on a hill near downtown Seattle and it was raining. As I was running down the hill I tried to make a sharp turn to the right on the wet pavement to start cooling down. As I did I slipped, and landed on my Ankle.

I was able to get some passersby to go up into my condo and get my phone and wallet, called a friend and went to the ER. After 3 hours of waiting and shivering in shock I was finally given some pain meds right before I was set into a splint. It was a Friday I was told Iíd have an Ortho appointment Monday and surgery Wednesday. On the way home had my buddy stop at Blockbuster to pick up some movies, had to sit on the ground twice because I nearly passed out.

My mom (greatest in the world) flew out from Ohio Sunday to help me through the surgery since I live by myself. We went to the Dr on Monday and it turns out I had a pretty bad case of fracture blisters. The operation was postponed because the surgeon was afraid of infection and I was referred to a foot and ankle specialist within the Ortho group (one the works on the Pro Teams in Seattle). On Wednesday the blisters were roofed (ouch) and the waiting game began. Surgery wouldnít happen until the blisters were healed. Every couple of days weíd go back to the Dr for a checkup. Finally hand ORIF surgery on 5/14

This was my first ever surgery (Iím 27) and I was scarred to death. Apparently my injury was fairly bad so 2 foot and ankle surgeons worked on fixing me up. I had one Tib screw placed in at an angle to fix the little knot that pokes out on the inside of the ankle. I have two temp Syndesmotic Screws and I have one screw mid calf the goes through the Fib&Tib, the Ortho said something about being worried about bone shortening/rotation. That screw is permanent. Anyone else have this one? Spent 1.5 days in the hospital, home the evening of the 15th.

Took the next week of work (I work from home) went back to the Dr on the 17th Ė no sign of infection, so I was placed in a blue fiberglass cast. On the 24th, stitches were removed and I was placed in a 2nd blue fiberglass cast which Iím now currently in.

Mom went home on the 18th after 3 weeks. Iíve been improving fairly quickly I think considering. Iím still NWB and will be for another 3 weeks. I go back to the Ortho on 6/15 to get this cast off and go into a robo-boot, at that time Iíll start ROM exercises.

Last weekend was one full off accomplishment. I crutched my way up to Dicks (hamburger place) got some food to-go and made it back to my condo all by self, I was so happy I just about started to cry. Iíve also been able to make it to the bank, drugstore, and of course Starbucks. As time goes on Iím feeling braver and more independent, I drove myself to a downtown mall last weekend and knee scootered around. GREAT device by the way - If youíre on the West Coast look up www.eksusa.com Iím also becoming quite the proficient left foot driver, though it makes me a little nervous to do it, I have to get by.

Iíd appreciate hearing from as many of you as I can. Feel free to comment or as questions or just send a friendly hello. I think itís great that a community exists were we can all commiserate together. Look forward to chatting with you all soon.

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 Fri 11:59am 1 June 2007
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