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Adam3 : At the hospital
Diary entry posted Sun 5:51pm 7 November 2010

I get to the hospital and my dad goes in and gets a wheelchair. Getting out of the truck was a bit easier that getting in because I lifted the broken leg and my dad pulled me out by the other leg. The sensation of pain had changed and weakened now, it wasn't the sharp stinging pain I had earlier, instead it felt like small electric shocks. My mom pulled in beside us.

I sat in the lobby for a bit until I got to talk to one of the admission nurses, I think that's what they're called. She asked me the basics like how it happened and how intense my pain was. I was also asked if I've used recreational drugs or alcohol, I told her I drink and smoke weed. That was a lie, I've used about every drug out there but have been fortunate to not get too dependent on any. I could have told her I used to enjoy a few Percocet or a 400mg dose of Codeine but I knew they wouldn't medicate the pain properly then.

After some more waiting my parents wheeled me into the X-ray room. When the nurses looked at my leg they told me it looked deformed and asked why I didn't come in sooner. They got the X-Rays done and I transferred to a Gurney on which I was wheeled deeper into the hospital. We stopped in somwhere for a bit and another nurse came, I asked if I would be okay, she also said it looked deformed... Deformed was definitely not what I wanted to hear.

They got me into the emergency room and gave me a 20mg shot of morphine, a nurse put in an IV which hurt a LOT. And then they put on a soft cast. They dosed me with .1mg of Fentanyl in addition to the morphine and told me I would be put on an ambulance to go to Surrey General Hospital.

In the ambulance I was obviously feeling very happy and had no pain at all. I noticed a wet feeling on the top of my hand which I thought was fluid going through the IV but eventually noticed it was water on my hand. The plastic part of my IV was broken so the EMT, surprised I was even awake, put a new one on.

I got to Surrey General and waited around in the hall I was really glad when my mom showed up and shouted a gleeful "Mom!"

They took me into a curtained area, cut off my jeans, took off my "Alestorm" shirt, and put on a gown. Then I was back out in the hall where I was told I would have to wait. After about 30 minutes they had a bed for me.

I don't really remember much of the rest of the night, a nurse told me I could push a button if I wanted more morphine and she also brought me lots of apple juice. Everytime I regained consciousness I pushed the button.

The nurse was very cute, she had springy black hair and a beautiful romanian nose. In any case she kept coming with the morphine, what a dear.

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 Sun 5:51pm 7 November 2010
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