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Comment : Got your message
Posted by Michelle J on Fri 2:43pm 13 May 2005

I got your message today...I must say it's been a while since I've looked at my old entries. Sometimes I get a giggle out of them, sometimes not so much. But I do appreciate your note, it means a lot.
Actually I'm doing a lot better since my "unfortunate accident" lol. I am back to jogging, not as far by a longshot, but I can do it, and I once again mastered the tippy toe thing. Never thought that would happen!
I miss DC so much, and look forward to my visit this fall. I don't see myself walking around downtown for hours like I used to, but more because it'll be cold in November rather than because of my leg. No more clubs when I visit either, but the thought of me bumbling around in the dark with 100 drunk strangers doesn't sound safe anyways haha.
Your diary was the first one I read, and I'm so glad I did, because this site helped me get through the worst part of the recovery process.
Take care of yourself Adam, and thanks again for your kind words.
All the best,

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 Fri 2:43pm 13 May 2005
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