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Adam : 1 Year Anniversary
Diary entry posted Thu 3:51pm 15 July 2004

Kind of a somber anniversary, but tomorrow morning at 7:00, it will be one year since my fall.

Physical Therapy went on through January. I finished, and soon after had to temporarily abandon my running program.

In early May, I started a vigorous program of endurance and core body training. I was immediately able to run, and have worked my way up substantially. Once a week, I do a full hour of sprints, with no jarring pain what so ever. My goal was to be back in the saddle by July 4th weekend.

July 3rd, I went on my favorite bike trail, clipped in my shoes and did the greatest 20 mile ride of my life. I followed it up with a 30 miler two days later. On July 11th, I did my first brick workout (15 mile bike ride followed by a 4 mile run) since the accident. There was some pain afetrwards, but my os said the injury would nag me forever.

So there it is. The waiting for full recovery is finally over. The first anniversary will be a good one.

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 Thu 3:51pm 15 July 2004
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