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Adam : Life as I know it
Diary entry posted Mon 6:43am 3 November 2003

Its been a long time coming, but things are getting back to normal. I had a decent weekend of full, normal activities.

Saturday started with a 15 mile bike ride. I finished pain free at a decent clip of 56 minutes (16 mph, or about 75% of racing speed). I then took my daughter downtown for about a one mile walk. I had to ice my leg a little bit Saturday night, but nothing too bad.

Sunday began with a 1.5 mile swim. My kicking is coming alive. This is still pretty slow, but my movement is getting better. I followed that up with a two mile walk with my wife. It also marked my first full day in sneakers. I had a little foot pain at night, but nothing substantial.

My surgery is scheduled for Decmeber 10th, and I have spoken with my doctor about post-op rehab. He said it will be almost exclusively running on a treadmill.

It looks like my goal for full training by 1/1/04 is going to be a reality. Thanks to everyone for all your support. I hope to read about your good news in the future.

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 Mon 6:43am 3 November 2003
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